Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The First

It is the First.
of January
of the year
of my blog posts
and of my attempts at doing this:

creating something to serve the general populace through my writing.

I've got no illusions of being a great writer, but I am willing to talk about things that most people are not, and I'm willing to talk about them honestly. At the least, you may find something that makes you feel less alone, at the best, you'll be able to avoid mistakes I've made or abbreviate the learning process. That's how this whole game works: those who come before pave the way for the next in line, so we can always go further. I forget who said it, but they said something to the effect of: "let us not forget the reason we can see so far is because we are standing on the shoulders of giants." (I think it was some old physics dude, like Einstein or Newton.)

Anyways, this is my new years resolution: this blog, with the purpose of writing down and logging my spiritual exploits, every-day struggles, and any solutions, if I find them. If you're wondering if I've got anything to say that you're interested in here are the subjects I foresee being forefront:

spirituality: enlightenment, awakening. the journey, process, nitty-gritty. observations, discoveries, and ponderings. Far and away the biggest part of my life, though more and more it is blending with life in general, to a point where it is looking less and less like a 'thing' I do and more just a way of living.

sex: struggles with myself, more pondering, and attempts to get some jiggy-jiggy, if I ever get past the pondering phase, dammit.

nature: thoughts on the environment, rage filled eco-rants, ecstatic descriptions of nice moments.

What ends up coming out, is pretty unpredictable. I will try to listen to intuition to tell me what to write. If I actually want to do this, I need to keep it open and playful. Otherwise it is already doomed. DOOMED I SAY!

also, if you know me, pretend you don't, so I don't feel subconscious. (self-conscious, but I like the Freudian slip, so I'm keeping it.)