Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Titles: the sticky tired long goodnight

I was just coming up for air and as I floated on the surface of the dark ocean of my life at one thirty AM, I felt the desire to put myself to sleep with a post.  Blogger has re-jiggered it's look and has my page views displayed at the opening page, and I was incredulous to read a number over three thousand for all-time page views.  That seems grossly above what I should be getting for page views, since as far as I can tell I have about nine mostly anonymous friends who check occasionally to see if I've posted anything new six of whom are followers who know when I do.  Perhaps there are several page views per visitor or something.  I'm not sure how I'd feel if thousands of people read my blog.  befuddled, I guess.  Perhaps honored.

For some reason summer is ramping up my activity level.  It's been low to medium for a while, but all of a sudden I'm quite busy.  I don't prefer having to use a calendar/organizer to keep track of meetings and jobs, but it is nice to be busy with good work.

Thinking about names for my new blog... Something that conveys the jist of what I like to write, which is honest, beautiful, dirty, humorous, uncensored, informal, straightforward, and heartfelt.  "eloquent dicks"?  Also I guess I have to make sure the name is available, which is tricky.  Also I have to decide if I want myself traceable to it. It would be lovely to have the freedom of anonymity to write under.  I think I'd like it to be publicly accessible and anonymous, perhaps I'd let readers of this know about it, except anyone who's my  facebook friend could read it then.  I'd like to be able to make it personal, which means people I know should, for the most part, not know about it.  So I probably won't post the actual name here.  Just brainstorm.

open entry
the elegant rantings of a perverted hermit
death and bugs  (I think someone else has prior claim to that one :)
The Way Back Down (and sub title: penis penis penis penis)
Bathing Suit Flying Dreams
The only choice left
Gratitude for the moment: an assortment of erotic parables
Uncensored: life inside an unusual mind
The fantastic, erotic and scandalous life of Mr X
in search the nameless perfection my heart alone knows
the mad rantings of a strange pornographic spiritual crustacean

ok, time for bed.