Friday, April 16, 2010

no new posts: reason

I haven't been posting a lot. Sometimes I get into a headspace where I'm looking at my words and wondering if I actually want to say them.

Do I have anything worth saying? If I'm not sure whether i should say something or not, I generally err on the side of not. "First, do no harm."

Though I suppose, I'm going to have to screw that up a lot, so I can learn what should be said and what shouldn't. However, this isn't a good forum for learning that, because there's almost no interactivity. I'm speaking to a dark, quiet room.

However, I like the actual mechanism of having a blog. It is something I can access from anywhere, it dates things for me, organizes them chronologically... it's really a very handy journal. Much neater than my paper ones.

what to do...

I actually have a bunch of posts I've written and then kept in the limbo of being a draft, because I am not sure I want to post them.


  1. Just make your blog private, post whatever you want to, and then only make a few select posts public.

  2. you can do that?! I'll have to figure that out. easier than just leaving it in draft form. maybe. depends how much work it is to get that to work...

  3. can't figure it out. don't want to spend the time now. maybe if I'm incarcerated, I'll find the time to learn this.