Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have magic beans

I was digging through my box of not often used toiletries I keep in my closet, looking for deodorant. I recalled having some of the natural stuff that was just salt, nothing chemical-y.

A girl had just told me, point blank, that if I wanted to date, I should really wear deodorant. Finally, it appeared my mother had been proven right.

I am vehemently against deodorant. It's a philosophical thing. I believe that the human body should be sufficient unto its self, for being able to appear attractive to the opposite sex. I think if you just take care of yourself and keep your self clean, you shouldn't have to worry about smelling bad. I still may feel that way, but I was willing to try it for a bit and see how I felt about using deodorant. The other objection I had was I had heard, and it sounded reasonable, that the body would grow dependant on the deodorant, and stop being able to take care of it's oder itself. Adaption based on imposed demands (or lack thereof).

I didn't find any deodorant, but I found some other treasures: bug spray/suntan lotion (probably don't want that in with consumables), cardamom pods (a natural breath mint and more importantly anti-bacterial and digestive aid.) and a bag of old chia seeds (they are considered by some to be a super-food).

When I lifted up the bag of chia-seeds, they started jumping like teeny Mexican jumping beans. I immediately froze and stared at the little Ziploc baggie full of bouncing, vibrating seeds, looking for signs of bug life. None so far. Some of the seeds were stuck to the sides of the Ziploc bag, but not from moisture. Perhaps from static electricity? but why had it never done this before? It was pretty extreme. And only happened when I held it. I then moved my finger close to, but not touching the bag, and felt a tingling of energy, in the same ball park as static cling energy, but it only was felt in pulses, like the beat of my heart. And it was very pointed, localized to just a small point on the end of my finger. Not at all the way static charge has felt in the past. And the beans seemed to react to the energy around my finger, getting more jumpy.

So, anyways, I have a bag of magic beans now. Anybody wanna trade for something?

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