Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A dirty hobo for truth

someone heard that I was writing a lot, I guess from my parents, and sat down with me and told me about how to make money from a blog.

I listened, because they wanted to talk, but I wasn't personally interested, though i enjoy learning new things. This blog is not about making money. I don't have adds, and as far as I can tell, I don't have a place in the search engines. aside from a little link in my facebook profile, I have no idea how anyone would find this. In fact, I don't even tell my parents how to get on to this. I don't want them reading this.

Perhaps this is a hang-up, yeah, I think so, but I am violently opposed to the distribution and sale of spirituality. It makes me angry. Like prostituting out your children. You are taking something of immeasurable value, beyond money, and you are forcing it to do unnatural things, things it shouldn't do, for the sake of dollars and cents.

fuck that.

I will do manual labor for you, as long as I'm not exposed to hazardous chemicals. I will do mental labor for you, as long as it is not destructive to my creativity. I will not talk about spirituality with any purpose other than Truth, for any reason. Talking about these things is sacred to me. when you step into a room with me and talk about God, Truth, Reality, Good, we are in a holy communion, where no falsehood may be willingly uttered, at least by me. Remember Jesus physically throwing the money lenders out of the temple? That is how I feel about that matter.

I'm not actually against other people making there living via spirituality. I do not care what other people do, for the most part. Except when people force they're beliefs on others, or are violent, etc.

But as far as I'm concerned, money, if involved in spiritual pursuits in any way, must be totally subservient to the spiritual purpose. That is, I've got some directive from spirit, and I'm going to carry that out, and if money is required as a means, fine, but compromising morals based on money is totally out of the question for me.

I will not lie to you intentionally about anything related to the quest for God, Truth, Meaning, Joy. I will not throw in a link or name that I would not put in otherwise, with the hopes that you will make me money off it. I would rather live in the woods and live off grubs, or beg for my food.

It's not that you can't be integrious and deal with spirituality, its just that, it is so much easyier to distinguise the real from the fake by asking if they will do what they do, without any personal benifit to them, aside from the helping itself.

Removing possible alterior motives.

I cannot help but lie to you unintentionally, as I talk about this stuff, since I don't have the full picture.

I'm not doing this blog for my own ego masturbation. i don't spend enough time making this look good and polished, or deleting uninteresting entries. I'm trying to learn how to effectively express truth, and at the same time I am trying to uncover truth.

I think Gandhi had a quote to the effect of, "my God is Truth."
I relate.
Though my MO now moves more towards something like Love.

There are spiritual people who do it as a job, make money out of it, and are integrious.
but the very best, the hidden masters, cannot be paid for. cannot be bought.

another quote I heard somewhere, in regards to finding martial arts teachers: "in China, you pay in character. In America, you pay in cash."
With the best, the personal teachers, I strongly suspect that they will only accept the currency of character.

so if you want an ok teacher, do your research, and get your money ready. But if you want a great teacher, do your homework, and get yourself ready.

my intuition says here is one of the places where you cross the line into the miraculous.

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