Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bullshit affirmation feel-good rainbows and butterflies shooting out my ass like a machine gun

Me: I give myself infinite dynamic right action.

Me2: no I fucking don't. you goddanm lier. you don't give yourself that at all. I give that to you and I've decided not to give it to you, because your a douche.

Me: fuck you. why am I a douche?

Me2: because you... are. You're always yelling at me, calling me names, telling me I'm not doing good enough.

Me: sorry.

Me2: no you're not. your just trying another method of getting me off of my ass so you can get me to do what you want me to do. pure manipulation. carrot methedology.

Me: ok. fuck. what's wrong with that? it hurts, when you're not doing your job.

Me2: you made me not do my job. you're the one.

Me: how?!

Me2: you told me to shove it. so I shoved it. right up your ass. now you've got dynamical constipation. blockage of the action channels.

Me: what do I do about this?

Me2: I don't know, I'm just a gate keeper, not a technician.

ok... HE WHO KNOWS: what do I do?

ME WHO KNOWS: to fix this?

Me: yeah.

MHK: don't fix this.

Me: ah shitfuck, not you too.

MHK: no, it's just... there's so much pain. you need to deal with that first. just like an emotional person woun't listen to advice until they're emotions have been delt with: they feel heard, or whatever there needs are, are met.

Me: so find out what You and Him need.

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