Wednesday, June 30, 2010


this applies specifically to me, but I think it applies to everything you hear/read ever. I get the feeling I may have done this before. I hope not, but if so, fine. It bears repeating.

This disclaimer is, for me, so obvious and unavoidable as to be unnecessary to say. Like the fact that I am not going to set fire to you during the course of a conversation with me. That is obvious and given. I don't have to say that every single time I talk with you, or even the first time. However, strangely what I'm about to disclaim is not so obvious and unavoidable for some people. So I will say it.

The unspoken understandings:

-Everything I say is of unknown veracity.
There's no way I can absolutely prove anything. What I give are my best attempts to understand, practically, how this incomprensible mystery called life works. I may not understand quantum electro-dynamics, but I do know that if the vending machine isn't working properly, you can try pressing the coin return, or jiggling the machine a bit, and that usually fixes it. That's about my level of proficiency with life.

-If something I say irritates you, the most useful thing to do with that is to figure out why it irritates you, and deal with that part of your self that is uncomfortable with something.
This is one of the ways you grow. And mainly I say this point to specify the difference between this and...

-When something I say feels wrong, in your heart, trust your hearts intuition.
Not the man behind the curten. Your heart, your spiritual heart, is your direct line to the Intelligence of the universe. Even if the words sound good and wise and sensical, your heart knows, beyond and behind words, where truth lies. And where truth is truthful ;)

I don't ever want to be someone who leads people away from truth. or love.

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