Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am an Uncle now

My sister just had a baby. Today. I am an uncle.
My niece is cute. She has a very distinctive face. I bet she'll keep it her whole life.

Life is interesting. It's in an upswing, in one of those phases where the energy that had been missing so long comes back in a bursting flood. The energy and bliss make me crazed. It's not a balanced state at all, but it is very enjoyable, like the thrill of adrenaline. It is a feeling of accomplishment. I feel on top of the world. So far, whenever this has happend, I have assumed it would just keep going and now my life was finally picking up, or else I was dreading it ending. What I really need to be careful of is burning myself out. I have enough energy to run myself into the ground, and little enough care for my body that I would permit it.

Inertia is destroyed by energy, but energy is made more helpful and creative by balance. Otherwise it burns itself out, like a raging fire. Balance allows the energy to course through me, without catching me and carrying me along with it.

The lesson for today, an auspicious day for my new family member, is: listening to your inner voice and respecting it, is something the Universe dearly wants you to do. That's what I've been doing and it's why I'm feeling so well. No simple formula am I espousing. This is a balance, which I do not know the future of, that has been hard won, by continuously doing things to upset the balance, and thus learning what not to do, one mistake at a time. You cannot hope to get this by listening or reading and emulating. This experience is born purely by experience and practice. Though what brought me here was the intention to master this way of functioning. That is still my intention, only now it is strengthened, by my direct perception that nature smiles on me when I do it.