Monday, July 19, 2010


The original meaning of sin, as it was introduced biblically, was an archery word meaning, "to miss the mark."

This is much more accurate as a description of life than what the word sin has become nowadays: that is, something you have done that is wrong and must be punished, or something that makes you fundamentally a bad person, or something that is going to send you to hell.

I here officially mock the idea that God will punish you for doing bad stuff by sending you to hell. There is no concept that is more closely linked with the word "sheeple" than this. Your actions have results. Perhaps, if there is reincarnation (a concept that was a part of most religions, including christianity, until people decided it was to hard to controle people without eternal damnation) then the results come back to you in other lives as well. As good an explanation for crappy or good stuff happening that you didn't seem to precipitate as any other concept.

In any case, it is quite apparent to me that we make our own heaven and hell, and we make our own lives. If this is not apparent to you, fine, live as you perceive.

It is also apparent to me that God is good, and cares about his creation. And would never, every stoop to punishment. God is intricately linked with love, this I know. All else follows, and dogmas are easily seen though as defilement's of God's love or expressions of it. No need for jesus or buddha: what would Love do?

I am a fan of kissing: keeping it simple.

God is good, God is Love.
Truth is good.
Simplicity is good.
Violent religious zealots are fuckwads.
Unthinking, unfeeling masses are sending us to hell without even realizing it, because they have given over their brain cavity to the violent fuckwads.
Nature is pretty.
The unthinking, unfeeling masses can march us to heaven, by waking up and starting to think for themselves and especially feel the beating of there own heart.
You can't fuck it up. The worst you can do is miss the mark. The worst you can do is stop trying.

So keep taking those steps. One at a time. Pathetic and fail-ish though you may feel. There are only two options: stop, or keep walking. And it does get better, as you keep moving forward. It really does.

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