Monday, November 8, 2010

That's a good idea

I realize another bit of homework I need to do, about undertsanding the story of my life is interesting.

Today (Nov. 8th) I: entered the secret room of my shared studio and tried to figure out what the blinking box surrounded by massive quantities of ethernet cable did (it was a router.) Harassed an insurance agent in his office. Sat, lay down, and stood while tripping out on the intense feeling of silence, and later, on the constant, normally unnoticed ringing in my ears. Sat out in a juniper patch watching the stars and thinking about a cute girl and meditating until I thought I heard a coyote growling and stalking up on me. (on further investigation, the sound appeared to be some man made source. Probably) Cursed at the trees and the sky and the ground at my bafflement about what I am supposed to be doing, and how crappy and flat I was feeling. And got the beginning of an answer. Ate a horrible, cheap pizza by myself at a pizza joint I will never go to again, and failed to eat the whole thing, or even a significant portion of it. While waiting inordinate amount of time for the pizza, I stared off into space as I tried to deprogram myself from my explosive and highly out of character rage at the slander of a particular person.

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