Wednesday, January 6, 2010


in pheonix, during my forced vacation extension, I visited the desert botanical gardins. they were very cool. I talked to some interesting trees. On the way over, I noticed a meter in the taxi-cab that read, "Sextras"

I was confused, and a little worried, because the digital counter below it read "1" and I wondered if this was like with some shady massage parlors, or if the cabbie was hitting on me.

Upon closer inspection, it was a dollar sign, that looked like an S, next to the word "extras"

Also, the cab ride back was about five bucks less, and I wondered if the first cabbie did a run-around on me, or if the roads were just weird. Maybe he gave me a sextra without me knowing about it, and charged me for it.

in either case, I like the new word, and am adding it to my vocabulary. To create a definition, Sextras are extra's of a sexual nature.

And, come to think of it, another word jumps out at me from this: $ex.
I like the connotations. For instance, if you are going to engage in intercourse with a prostitute, you would be having $ex, or if you've got a significant other or one night stand who is using you for, or attracted to you because of, your money, when you two are copulating, that would also be considered $ex.

I think a secondary meaning could be ostentatious or gaudy sex, like having sex while wearing lots of diamonds, or in a really expensive hotel suite.

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