Thursday, January 14, 2010

the cold night air breathes me life

why is it always at night, right before I want to go to bed, that the ideas come like pushy drunks?

it's somebody else's image, but I like it: drawing up words like water from a deep deep well. Cool and refreshing and ancient like the earth it came from.

and my favorite place is the white space between lines, between words, letters.

the pausing

one of the best things in life for me is the moments of unflinching. the experience of something so intense; pain, loss, heartbreak, fear, loving appreciation, that it makes you want to turn away. makes you want to crawl into some comforting distraction; food, sex, video. reading. talking.

and not.

not going there, not going away from here. being with it. wide eyed and cold and vulnerable like a newborn, covered in blood.

I like this.

good night.

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