Sunday, January 10, 2010

the days are just packed.

I've had so many perfect days lately.

for instance, I got stuck in Phoenix for two days traveling back from mexico. I met a Mexican girl coming back from a family visit. She just happened to be right behind me in the ungodly long line at the ticket re-booking and ass-f(*ing counter. since we had about an hour together, we bonded, as lost people tend to. and then got sent to the same hotel over night, and she came over to my table for dinner and talked about jobs and school.

various members of my extended family called to make sure I was ok, to help me with whatever they could.

I met an awesome ticket agent at the end of the first day of waiting on standby at the end of a list that was 50 people long. She was a grandma, though a young one, and booked me on a lone first-class seat that would get me out of Phoenix at the end of the next day, instead of having to be in transit for the whole day, which allowed me to visit the botanical gardens that day.

being driven (I love not having to drive) back to the hotel by the courtesy shuttle, I joked around with the other people. Because I recognized one of them from the ticket line, and I because I had something to talk about, that was universally interesting and relatable by everyone.

The testing of my physical and mental and emotional limits, actually puts into contrast how much I love and appreciate life. Even in the worst shit storm, there is beauty and gratitude. Even in scary situations, there is a basic safety of being.

These things are taken for granted and forgotten, just living a normal life. It takes some trials to bring out the sweetness.

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