Friday, January 22, 2010

The Temple of Dance

Went to an ecstatic dance tonight. The guy in charge opened sacred space (he was a bit shamanic), and then put on some good dance tunes, and everyone danced for a few hours in an attractive non-denominational church at the university.

That, my friends, is my kind of religious service.

side note: at first, I was surprised, because there were other guys there, but it turned out that they were all probably gay. Being a straight male dancer is highly unusual. Especially when it's not partner-dance. This is generally a good thing, because you are a rare commodity. But it also means, you will feel alien, in any classes you attend.

And the fact that it's a rare commodity doesn't end up mattering, for me. I don't like doing choreography and I don't try to impress women to get them to like me.

I figure the best policy is to be who you are, and that way, if they still like you, you've just eliminated the number one cause of problems in a relationship: that is, actually getting to know the other person.

Meanwhile I work on improving myself in whatever direction feels right. And by improving myself, I really mean, becoming myself. Improving yourself is a loosing game. In it, you've already decided that you are not good enough as is.

I prefer to assume I am perfect, but I'm not fully expressing my perfect self yet.
That's a winning game.

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