Wednesday, January 13, 2010

diamond mind, diamond heart.

a sparkling gem, thousands of facets. frozen solidified colored light. value, extreme value.

Sometimes I see the entire world as embedded in a diamond. It is frozen, just this moment, this one moment now, solid in this ultra-precious perfect, indestructible, completely clear material. Every hair is exactly placed within this diamond, and it's exact placement is thought through with the utmost care. each particle of being is imbued with profound meaning, and with specific, absolutely essential purpose. and with dazzling, sparkling beauty, finely crafted by the most meticulous, expert artist.

There is not a speck out of place. Nothing to move or change in this perfect world called right now.

Someone made a clever remark about the symbology of the diamond. If you separate the sounds out, it becomes "die mind." which it symbolizes. The state of the mind dying, and only the unbroken intelligence of the universe remaining. And this is perhaps what it sees.

People thing the mind dieing is a loss. But it's no more a loss than a pond having a wall separating it from the ocean getting knocked down. Even less. The only thing you loose is concepts, the only thing you loose is that which is not, the only thing you loose is everything.

it's worth it.


  1. listening to: "Only This Moment" --Royksopp