Saturday, January 16, 2010


I get the late assignments, because I was too anal about going to bed on time, and the universe decided to beat it out of me. thank you.

grocery list:
a good man

To bring to a friends dinner:
rice pudding
the end of an avocado

watched a movie about a girl who got famous through her blog about cooking. This medium fascinates voyeurs and egoists. we are all each. I wonder, if the reason she was happy is she gets to do what she wants, or if she can finally make money, doing something she likes, or if she was happy to have a more glamorous life that sounded important.

Money and the idea of money is a seductress of little children's dreams. It trades them their superhero-dom, there astronaut-hood, for a nickle, a quarter. Who do you think is getting ripped off?

The lie is that we can't live without money --or-- that money is important, can get you what you need. It's a lie. I'm not going to tell you why. think for your self.

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