Monday, January 25, 2010

day 0

I've got email, thanks to Sea-Tac's free wifi. And I am waiting for a plane. So I snapped a picture and am writing something, since people seem to want to know what goes down on my trip to belize. It will probably be awesome, and perhaps the price of me doing all sorts of cool things, is to share them with other people, who are not afforded the opportunity.

There must be deeper meaning though. It's not good enough talking just to talk. Does it help? Does it inspire? does it make people smile, uplift them when they're down? I have no fucking idea how to do any of that, but I'd like to, nonetheless, and sometimes I do, miraculously. It's not something I can control though. The best I can do is keep an eye out for opportunities to do good for other people.

byron katie has an exercise, where you try and do three nice things for people, every day, without being found out. If someone finds out it was you, you have to start over. I love that game idea. I want to do it. Every now and then I try, but it's really hard to figure out things to do. Perhaps I'm thinking too big. I should remember that little things still count.

my computer is periodically making an alarming scraping sound. I'm pretty sure it's the fan, but it's still unnerving. The whole idea of this teeny little netbook was it would be travel-friendly because it had solid-state memory, so no moving parts to break. But the way it sounds, it might be on it's way out. But perhaps it will manege for another year or two. if I can get four years out of it, it will have been worth the price (400$) And I'll get another one, hopefully slightly better quality (read: no alarming fan problems) and a bigger screen and a longer battery life.

jeesus, it's really going. it's probably just a loose screw, but it's quite irritating. maybe I can send it to the computer shop when I get back?

Anyways, I think I'll post everything when I get back, not now. If simply because this fan is really irritating me, and it would be frustrating if my computer died mid-sentence.

[note from much later on: I think it's the fan, as it only happens when the laptop gets really hot, so I just have to coddle it and move it to a cool surface if I do long-term work on it. This is how we step by step get lead into making ridiculous compromises for technology.]

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