Sunday, January 17, 2010

dating, the secret shadow government is our bitches, rule the world

was sitting in the library, reading "the idiots guide to dating" and parents called, and then, looking up and gazing off in front of me as we talked, I saw the two books from the movie about the girl who made it big blogging. right in front of me. Yes, sometimes nature is stupidly blatant. This is not something to be proud of, this means I'm so dense nature needs to get drastic sometimes to get points across.

I guess that girl is living the dream: she made it big, now she's famous and successful. Once again though, I am reminded of how profoundly "the dream" is a lie. a total fabrication. "everyone can make it big in america, if they just try!" bullshit. triple bullshit. These "lucky" cases are the the proverbial bone tossed to the rest of us, the abusive parents lies about getting the kid a big present, if they keep behaving.

That is a lie to keep the huge mass of people who work themselves down to zero energy, all just for food and shelter, and a week or two off a year to sleep off all the excessive fatigue there jobs have created on them. Is it worth it? It's safe though, and I suppose that's what keeps people in horrible situations. It is like an abusive relationship, where we are in a crappy situation but afraid to leave it because the alternative might be worse.

I don't blame some kind of shadow government for putting me in the situation I'm in. granted, there are many elements of our current system that were intentional designed by a few to enslave the many. But blaming "those people" is cowardly. And it is a declaration that you are powerless. That is what the people creating systems of control want.

The truth is, we are not powerless, or anything remotely close to that. We are extraordinarily powerful. Our muscles may have atrophied, but the bottom line is our potential, our natural birthright, is like that of God. We have created our own creation and then stepped into it, and mostly, forgot.

I'm just reminding anyone who cares to listen, you have the option to say no to the current paradigm, and begin creating a personal creation that is joyful and fulfilling. The mechanisms in the universe are there, to carry you forward, teach you, lead you to your truth, to your power, to your joy. At it asks in return is sincerity. heh, and a bit of patience. But it is awaiting your command, like an abandoned control console for the universe. Your abandoned control consul. find it, if you want.

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